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4.29, 10am-4pm
Brooklyn, NY
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Come explore what you want #WorkLifeBalance to look like in your own life.

Info and registration at:

This holiday season Twitter fires 4K workers, Amazon fires 10K workers, & Facebook fires 11K workers—all while US Billionaire pandemic wealth increased an absurd $1.7T.😳

A reminder that billionaires don’t create jobs—they exploit workers. Tax billionaires. Unionize workers.

A 23 year old muslim Indian American woman in the northwest Chicago suburbs unseated an incumbant republican to become the first South Asian person voted to the IL state legislature. She's 23!!

Content warning: politics, elections 

@thisisaaronland I see you made the move! Did you lose all your t...oots? I spun up a new server and made the move, too, and I think I lost all my t...oots.

@5easypieces @shineslike @wrdodger I spun up a new instance and transferred my account over to it. Pretty cool! But I think I lost all my posts. 😢


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