@thisisaaronland I see you made the move! Did you lose all your t...oots? I spun up a new server and made the move, too, and I think I lost all my t...oots.

@admin yes / I don’t believe the existing tools migrate posts and at least at this stage of things I was fine with that / there is an “export” button in the account settings but I have not played with it or explored whether it can be “re-imported” using the api / I would not say that have I embraced all the rough edges but every day they prove themselves better than the alternative right now.

@admin I have spent enough time with the export/import stuff to determine that / the former contains all the things but the latter does not let you import posts or media and the api does not let you backdate posts / so database access is a precondition for rehydrating an account in full, post-migration / I wonder whether someone has written that how-to...

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